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Car Accidents & Injuries

Every six seconds there is a car accident somewhere in the United States. That adds up to more than 5 million crashes a year. Chances are good that at some point in your life you will be involved in a car accident.

Each car crash is different because the factors are different. The number of vehicles involved, their speed, the road conditions, the drivers’ condition . . . all of these things play a part in the overall picture. But one thing is true of all car accidents: They cause anxiety and stress. They often cause injury and pain; and, in the worst cases, they can cause death.

In all of these situations, the Oliver Law Offices can help ease the burden. In our many decades of experience, we have handled rear-end collisions, rollovers, head-on wrecks, drunk driving accidents, and intersection crashes.

Most wrecks involve driver error of one form or another – speeding, drunk driving, distracted driving, texting while driving, recklessness. If you were involved in an accident in which the other driver was guilty of one of these behaviors, even if they were not criminally charged you can seek recovery from them in a civil suit.

We can help you obtain damages for personal injuries, payment of medical and rehabilitation bills, car damage, lost income, and pain and suffering. If you lost a loved one in a car crash, we can bring a wrongful death claim against the negligent party.

The personal injury attorneys at the Oliver Law Offices have experience handling all types of personal injury claims. Call (859) 986-8468 for a free consultation. But don’t delay, because there is a deadline for filing personal injury claims and your right to seek justice through the court does have a time limit.

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