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Construction Litigation

On any construction job, there are multiple parties – indeed, multiple layers of parties – whose performance is required to bring the project to completion. Contractors, subcontractors, product suppliers, property developers . . . . When something goes wrong, they all start pointing fingers.

It takes a seasoned attorney with a broad base of experience to successfully resolve serious disputes in the construction arena. The attorneys at the Oliver Law Offices have the experience and dogged investigative skills to bring your complex construction claim to a favorable conclusion so you can get on with business. Over the last several decades we have handled a wide variety of construction and design deficiency cases, including claims relating to the following areas:

  • Bidding and change orders
  • Inferior workmanship lawsuits
  • Breach of contract
  • Performance and payment issues
  • Liens and bonds
  • Negligent construction
  • Roofing, drainage and HVAC problems
  • Foundation cracks.

Our experience has led to excellent working relationships with a variety of experts who will assist in your litigation claim: architects, engineers, building code officials, repair contractors, inspectors and others.

The attorneys of the Oliver Law Offices have experience you can rely on to resolve your complex construction disputes, both in and out of the courtroom. For effective, aggressive representation, call (859) 986-8468.

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